One of the most common questions clients ask us during initial consultations is why they shouldn’t use LegalZoom for their estate planning needs instead of retaining our firm’s services. Besides, it can often be a way to save some money, and can result in the same pride one feels after finishing any “do-it-yourself” home project. LegalZoom has become a popular tool for many estate planning documents, especially wills and trusts.

In our experience, however, the sting resulting from making a significant mistake lasts substantially longer than the rush received from saving some money.

On numerous occasions, we have met with clients who previously had used online tools to create their estate planning documents. Without exception, the resulting documents our attorneys have reviewed have been lacking in one way or another. Most often, these documents simply disregard important factors related to the will-maker’s family structure and financial situation. For example, clients who have established Living Trusts through these online tools often come to us with an empty trust because they were not instructed or assisted with the very important step of funding their trust.

Additionally, we have had clients who were under the impression that the will they constructed online had the necessary language to handle their affairs after their death the way they wanted. Unfortunately, the actual language in their documents was not sufficient to fulfill their wishes. This can result in disappointed heirs (or maybe very satisfied heirs who were supposed to be disinherited!).

Our clients don’t pay us for documents. Our clients pay us for comprehensive, personal estate planning. The documents we sign together at the end of that process are simply a byproduct of our thorough planning.

The estate planning attorneys at the Law Office of Jonathan A. Hall, PLLC can help ensure that your goals are met and your legacy is protected. Contact Jonathan today to speak with one of our attorneys.