Mortgage Implications of Homes Held in a Living Trust

A common question clients ask during initial meetings concerns what implications, if any, a mortgage on their property would have if they transferred that property into a living trust. After all, most people do not own their homes “free and clear” until later in life, if at all. The bottom line is that having a [...]

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Probating a Will: A Quick Primer

Probating a Will starts with proving the Will’s validity. The steps in the probate process differ in each jurisdiction, but typically whomever is named as the Executor in the Will files it and certain legal forms in the appropriate county courthouse. The legal forms differ by state, and sometimes by county. For example, and for [...]

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Estate Planning Tune-up

Estate planning isn’t a one-and-done deal. For those of you who have already had an estate planning attorney create a will or trust for you (good job!), it still needs to be reviewed – and possibly updated – periodically to make sure the plan will still do what you want it to do. Just like [...]

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Protecting Inherited IRAs

Hiring an estate planning lawyer in Kentucky is the best way for residents to protect inherited IRAs. If you have inherited or plan on leaving the funds of your IRA to a family member or friend after you pass away, it is important for you to understand that the funds will officially not be considered retirement [...]

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